Finally, local barako coffee manufacturers have come up with a clever idea of selling coffee in teabags. Since jumping motherships last January, I’ve been deprived of brewed coffee at the office.  If there is anything that I miss from the former stepmothership apart from the 15-minute commute, social network access, the considerably decent cafeteria and choices of restaurants around the block, the endless supply of sodas, energy drinks, and teas, it’s free brewed coffee.

And since I’m the coffee junkie who drinks the brew for its caffeine content, the usual 3-in-1s from Nescafe and San Mig don’t cut it with me. As far as I’m concerned, those instants are desserts and not drugs. On certain sluggish days when I didn’t get enough sleep the previous night (or nights in a row) or I had eaten too much rice at lunch, I had to take a trip to the nearest mall and buy a venti latte at Starbucks (no sugar, please).

A recent trip to the SM Hypermarket produced this fantastic thing that has happened in this ever-late-to-the-party corner of the planet: coffee grounds in teabags. Yey! All you have to do is steep it in hot water for three minutes, and then voila! Brewed coffee! At P140 per box of 10, it’s not cheap, but considering that a 3-in-1 pack costs P11 at the cafeteria (or P5 to P6 per packet if you buy a box at the supermarket), or that a tall brew at Starbucks is roughly P85 or more, the Siete Barakos coffee is well worth the price.

Coffee in a teabag
Mmmm…. coffee!