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From New York to London, according to Google Maps


1. Go to Google Maps.
2. Click the Get Directions link.
3. Type “New York” in the left input box and “London” in the right input box.
4. Click the Get Directions button.
5. Scroll to direction #24 of the Search Results frame on the left.

Boracay Pics

Finally, the photos of our Bora trip have arrived:

boracay regency cafe cristina buffet breakfast
Breakfast buffet. First of the many attempts by Regency to fatten us up.

Lunch at Regency's food plaza
Lunch at Regency’s food plaza

Boracay main road
Beachwear hehe…

swimming pool
Boracay Regency’s pool

bacon waffles at zuzuni
My favorite – bacon waffles at Zuzuni


Boracay Station 2
Station 2

lamps and henna
Buy lamps or get a henna tattoo by the main path.