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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Half in Anguish, Half in Hope

pride and prejudice and zombiesPride and Prejudice and Zombies is one of those movies that either you loathe or you love. It’s easy to love for the simple reason that it has the Jane Austen classic as its backbone, and then wonder why on earth did they have to overcrowd the story with the undead running amok without even trying to be scary.

I didn’t even notice that it was released in the cinemas early this year, so I was glad that I stumbled upon it on streaming TV. After going through episodes of Cosmos and The Roman Empire, and re-watching City of God, I just wanted  something easy to watch, didn’t need too much focus to enjoy, and wasn’t too confronting. So PPZ was the best option; who doesn’t enjoy a good Austen story, anyway? (more…)

Perhaps Georgeia deserves Courtney after all

Bachie has been my guilty pleasure lately, starting with the fourth season of Bachelor Australia, where previous Bachelorette AU contender Richie Strahan went on a (televised) quest to find The One, or at least a potential serious relationship, followed by this season’s Bachelorette, whereby Georgia Love of Tasmania goes on her own quest to finally meet someone she could have a serious relationship with.


On Day 1, my top contenders were Cameron, a firefighter from WA; sales professional Jake; and Clancy after shaving off his beard. As the season progressed, it became apparent who the top contenders would be and who were there just for publicity, namely catalog models Sam and Rhys, and what’s becoming more apparent, “Industrial Designer” Courtney, who actually has dabbled in TV presenting.

Thanks to the most kilig and romantic date that this season’s Bachelorette has seen and that kiss, everyone’s favourite guy became the sweet and gentlemanly Cameron, so it was really heartbreaking for many fans when Georgia didn’t give him a rose in favour of Courtney, who is not only reluctant to have a relationship with her, but is apparently not into her at all. I’m not a fan of his shirts, either, sorry.

How Georgia missed all the clues is mind-boggling, but to be fair to her, she isn’t the first person in the history of both reality TV and IRL to ever miss, if not entirely deny, the utter lack of interest in her of a love interest. It’s just that in the context of TV-land, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her and think that well, she deserves him if she chooses him in spite of all of his shortcomings.

Cameron and Georgeia
Cameron and Georgia

We will all miss Cam on TV, but if Twitter is anything to go by, his popularity amongst fans of the show makes him a potential next Bachelor. And whilst some are rejoicing that he is still single, many have even wildly joked about setting their houses on fire, especially now that the darling from WA is back on the job.

So as I’ve updated my list of contenders with Matty J, it’s good to know that he and Lee are in the final, if paparazzi reports are reliable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t start fires. It’s dangerous and arson is a criminal offence 🙂

UPDATE: Georgia has come to her senses!

When art comes to life and gets a visit from a time lord

There is a particular episode of the revived Doctor Who series that I am especially fond of, and I believe it is the same for many of the sci-fi’s followers. While I had often heard about it, I never really got into watching the series, much less follow it nearly religiously, until I saw Vincent and the Doctor, which depicted Vincent Van Gogh’s works as inspired by a visit from the Doctor and Amy in the last year of the artist’s tumultuous life.

At the exhibition of the painter’s works at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris, the Doctor noted something in one of Van Gogh’s paintings that was not supposed to be there: a monster peeking out of a cathedral window. This prompted our time traveller to take the TARDIS back to 1899 Provence, where the artist spent most of his time filling his canvasses with visions of the world around him in a way that only he could see. Unfortunately, these visions also involved aliens that are invisible to everyone–including our visitors from the future–except him.


Suffice it to say that Van Gogh saw the world differently; that the evening sky was not just a space filled with stars set above the dark outlines of the French countryside. Instead, it was a stage whereupon everything came to life and the stars moved in a parade of lights. The artist captured the show above with his lively, and at times, angry strokes in his work, Starry Night.

Ever since I saw Van Gogh’s Starry Night, even without knowing about its history or its creator, I thought it was special–a radical work through which its maker depicted the world as living and breathing; it was sad, it was angry, but more importantly, it was alive. More than anything it is a reminder that each person has a  of seeing the world around them and we should allow for these differences. Conformity is a sad idea.

starry night, vincent van gogh

As Vincent’s life ended tragically, the episode did not shy away from the fact that he took his life one year after the supposed visit from the Doctor and his companion, although not before learning that a century on (the Doctor and Amy took him on a TARDIS joyride into the future), the world would behold his works in awe and he would be called the greatest painter who ever lived. Tony Curran played Vincent particularly well.

This post is a response to Daily Post’s writing prompt of the day.

Thoughts on Thor 2

  • Loki (Tom Hiddleston) stole Thor’s thunder. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Loki’s show masquerading as a Thor movie. You gotta respect classically trained actors who can recite Shakespeare lines in a heartbeat or mimic velociraptors–because they can act and not only because they’re hot/adorable. 

  • What becomes of Odin?
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Thor/Chris Hemsworth sounds like Silvester Stallone with British accent? 
  • What’s the point again of adding this character, Ian? 
  • On Loki’s cake-y makeup: I don’t know where to start complaining. Trust my rage.
  • I think the saddest part of the film is when Loki learns of his adoptive mother’s death. 
  • The film is a cross between sci-fi (hello, invisible space ships!) and fantasy/mythology.
  • My problem with the love angle is the lack of chemistry between Hemsworth and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster). 
  • Oh look! It’s Chris O’Dowd (of The IT Crowd fame) as a cutie, thus a love triangle amongst demigod and humans is formed. Oh wait, there’s the bit about the lady warrior, too.
  • Some fights scenes are awkward. Choreography is good, but execution is something else. I’m talking about you Jamie Alexander and dude from Chuck.
  • On Benicio Del Torro’s appearance as The Collector on the first end-credits teaser, it’s interesting; and it’s interesting in a he-looks-like-David-Bowie-gone-rough manner. 
  • End-credits teasers basically are set-ups for  Guardians of the Galaxy and the next Avenger movie. 
  • As Alan Carr said, I didn’t understand what’s going on, but I loved it. One has to start watching the film as an attempt at mixing astrophysics, sci-fi, and fantasy. It can be utterly confusing, so just enjoy the joy ride. Here, enjoy his interview on Chatty Man:

It’s not that I’ve been busy, but…

Here I thought that anyone who’s ever said, “I’m busy!” was just overstating things and giving the impression of their probably self-proclaimed sense of importance.

But yes, I have been busy the past six weeks, I could hardly catch my breath. So what has happened since my last update? Well…

  • I celebrated another birthday for which I am extremely grateful
  • I survived yet another great Manila deluge, which happens oh! every year!
  • Rediscovered old passions – I’m a book and history nut, and there’s nothing I can (nor would change) about it.
  • Spent time with friends, if only to empty my head of plans, worries, and to-dos. Sometimes, you just don’t want to think, full stop.
  • Had people thrown down my path and realised how much I needed them. Some people inspire you to give your very best without knowing it. 
  • Read books and acquired more books than I could possibly read, but who cares?
  • Had THREE haircuts within a span of just four weeks! It’s a record, but please stop before you start judging that I’m depressed. A woman can get a haircut for no emotional reason at all,especially when there’s a really really good ate hairstylist who can whip out a style at a really friendly price point.
  • Missed Pacific Rim at the theaters.
  • Missed Cinemalaya film festival
  • Discovered new art/indie films. Forget Me Not, anyone? I’m just a sucker for walkie-talkie movies.


  • Missed the deadline for enrollment to French language lessons. 
  • Reconnected with an old friend. I still kind of like him, but oh well… 
  • Still wondering what a cronut tastes like. 
  • Still sad that Ben Affleck is the next actor to play Batty instead of Mr. Armitage.
All in all, it’s been quite a nice existence. No dramas, no insane ups and downs, but there’s been no flat-lines either. And so I can say things are — somehow — looking up. And for that I am grateful.