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Found a very cute white car parked outside the office building the other day. It’s just too cute to not be blogged about.

cute white car

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm

Science writer Mary Roach gave a speech at the TED Conference about stuff a lot of people didn’t know about orgasm. A lot in the list are funny, while some are simply wow. Who would’ve thought that dead people could still orgasm?

Getting Nostalgic at the Eraserheads’ “The Final Set Concert”

I had forgotten all about the Eraserheads’ concert until a friend reminded me about our plan to watch the band’s concert, aptly titled “The Final Set”, at the SM Mole of Asia. The event was the continuation of the “Reunion” concert held last year which was sadly cut short because frontman Ely Buendia had to be rushed to the hospital.

But boy, was I glad that I watched them last night. The concert, as expected, was not only a continuation of their previous effort, but an overhaul, a redo if you may, of the whole reunion program. They played two (thankfully) complete sets, an encore, and a “second encore” which the band decided to stage just as about half of the spectators had already filed out of the concert grounds.


I admit that I had stopped caring about the Eraserheads when Sticker Happy came around, although Ultraelectromagnetic Pop and Circus contributed much to the soundtrack of my teenage years; the angst, the pang-masa concerns, being lovelorn and dreaming of life’s possibilities in spite of the odds were all given life to by the E-heads. Minsan was all it took for me to wax nostalgic about dorm life in at UP, while Magasin, Torpedo, Alapaap, and Ang Huling El Bimbo reminded me of college buddies, crushes, and the concerts that the band appeared in during Fair season.

25 Randomosities

From the craze that spawned a gazillion “25 Things” we already know, want to know, or never cared about our Facebook friends, I’m throwing in 25 random stuff about me, slightly tweaked for this blog.

The drill: Write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I believe in a higher power, but religion baffles me. I’ve made it a point to leave the “Religion” box in application forms empty since it doesn’t mean anything. Like postmodernism.

2. I have a job that pays the bills and projects that sharpen the claw…I mean, the saw.

3. I have been playing badminton on and off since 2004. The gaps in my schedule explains why my game has not improved as much as I want to. That, plus staying away from pa-cute people on court.

4. Two of my scariest experiences were the 1990 earthquake and an accident on Kennon Road on a trip back from Baguio with my parents. We would have jumped off a 50-meter cliff if not for the guardrails.

5. I’m usually guarded around people I like while I ignore the ones I don’t.

6. I love taking long walks. I walk from the office to my apartment if I feel like it. And I walk fast, so I find it irritating when those in front of me are too slow, I wish I could shove them without getting into a fight.

7. My grandparents brought me up. I’m a Lolo’s girl.

8. I take issues with racial discrimination of all kinds, but if you so much as judge me based on my skin color I will return the favor. Yayas of the world, unite!

9. Journalism was not my first major, but I’m quite glad I shifted courses.

10. I collected hundreds of books in the past 7 years and either gave away or threw out about half of them when I moved to new apartments.

11. The same thing for shoes, though not by the hundreds.

12. I taught English to Korean students in college…and learned bad English in return.

12. I am a firm believer that experience is the best teacher, and that if something doesn’t kill you, it can make you more cynical, which is a quality that deserves more credit than many people want to admit.

13. I think e-cards are useless unless you write something more than the usual Hi-hellos, or Happy-whatever. Since you have taken the time to visit an e-cards site and sifted through thousands of cheesy animated cards, you might as well put a message that actually means something, like I hope you will reach your ideal weight or may you have a great sex life or buy all the shoes you want without maxing out your plastic.

14. I have a cable TV subscription to keep up with Hollywood gossip and tragic news from around the globe, watch tennis, and avoid the mindless drivel from GMA, ABS-CBN or ABC-5. I think the big 2 are partly to blame for the sorry state of our country and the masa’s preference for crass entertainment. Their telenovelas and “fantaseryes” are dumb, too.

15. I became a Roger Federer fan because of an ex-bf’s mother’s impression of him. She was crazy about the guy, and that said a lot. And it also means that even if I don’t exactly hate Rafael Nadal, I wish he would get the hell out of the way of Roger’s 14th GS.

16. I don’t like music snobs. I have a natural aversion towards a lot of “indie” artists who think that just because their music is weird, it’s art; the same goes for those who pretend to be music know-it-alls whose only claim to music sophistication is an Elvis Costello album downloaded from P2P networks. I’m not a huge fan of emo, though.

17. I like quirky/weird/slacker comedy shows. The IT Crowd and Flight of the Conchords are my current favorites because the characters in those sitcoms remind me so much of some of those I had worked or gotten friends with.

18. I love kids, but not in droves and not when they smell horribly. I would like to adopt a child someday.

19. I have been using sunscreen and moisturizer since I was 17.

21. I have naturally thick and curly hair, it has to take a very strong and courageous stylist to work on it. My hair has seen more straight days than curly since 2003, which means the hair fix two weekends ago shouldn’t be a big deal and people should stop treating it like it’s a destiny-altering event.

22. I can’t survive mornings without coffee. I could do without it the rest of the day, but it had better start with a steaming cup of joe.

23. I never got heavier than than 100lbs, which is my current weight.

24. I would like to live for a year or two each in New York, London, Paris, Geneva, and Rome.

25. I have been trying to learn French in case I get the chance to visit France, the French-speaking regions of Belgium and Switzerland. Je parle un peu français.

I’m not tagging anyone. If you’re reading this and you have a blog, then follow my example.

On NYT: Want to Know More About Me? Here are ’25 Random Things’

Threading ouch!

I accompanied my sister to a facial clinic this afternoon for her first *ever* facial treatment. I guess she needed moral support more than the facial, so off I went with her. A typical facial clinic like the one we went to looks like a hospital’s charity ward–there are rows upon rows of bed where customers, men and women, lie down to get whatever treatment they paid for. Some are getting facials and foot spa at the same time, so while their feet are being scrubbed, their faces are being poked. Talk about up and down treatments.Maybe it’s different with the super upscale derma clinics, but we don’t belong to the market segment they cater to, so I am not interested in finding out.

Because I didn’t want to have to wait for an hour for my sister, I thought I might as well get a facial. It had been more than two months since my last treatment anyway, plus I needed a good eyebrow grooming. And so came threading, which hurt so much, my eyelids were still red half an hour after we left. That’s what I get for not having it done regularly, on top of sporting bushy eyebrows. At P100 to P150 a pop, threading is well worth the money and initially, the pain.