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Tommy Haas Continues 2nd Round Match by Playing with Ball Kids

This is too cute. Tommy Haas played with ball kids instead after Michael Llodra retires from their second round match at Wimbledon after the latter crashed into a ball girl while running after a drop shot. The unfortunate girl got a hug from the French man in exchange for getting knocked onto the umpire’s chair.

I wouldn’t mind getting crashed into by Llodra, as long as I’d get to play balls with Haas. ::shame::

Ely Does Coke

Endorsement, that is. Whoever is responsible for making Ely Buendia a lot more marketable than at any point post-Eraserheads is doing a very good job. You could imagine my pleasant surprise when I went to work last Monday and saw him asking me to open a bottle of happiness…

Ely Buendia Coke Zero billboard

…with Billy Joe Crawford and some girl I have no idea who. He swears he’s not wearing eyeliner, according to Jessica Zafra.

Ely Buendia Coke Zero billboard

Coming from the E-heads generation, a co-worker and I went all gaga over our man, the now Puma-kitted, clean-living, cuter-in-late-30s musical hero from way back in the ’90s. If Ely B is asking me to “open happiness,” why should I resist (especially when I can get the stuff for free)?

Coke Zero at work

UPDATE: Here is Ely’s Coke Zero TVC. Seventeen seconds is toooo short for Weng and I, Coke ladies.


Caturdays for lazy cats

Hoorah! Caturday! No needz to go to teh ofeece. I no haff to dress up and bravez teh trafik. I can blogz and Facebook and Twitters all I lyke while eeting cheezburgers in my jammies…or noe jammies. I wish everyday were Caturday so I can Internets and blogz and writes stuffz that also buy cheezburgers.