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Winnie Monsod Grills Mikey Arroyo

It’s a slow-news day, so here is a nice filler. Presidential spawn and talentless movie actor Pampanga Congressman Mikey Arroyo‘s reasoning about irregularities in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities doesn’t make sense, but his challenge for anyone to sue him does. Somebody please give it to him.

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Some take-aways:

  • Presidential spawn’s net worth grew from P5 million in 2002 to P76 million in 2008. The difference is hindi kalakihan anyway.
  • Contributions to his campaign funds made his life “nakagaan ng kaunti.” (“Tapos pag kampanya, siyempre kahit papaano marami ding tumutulong sa atin. Hindi naman sa nakaipon, pero siyempre nakakagaan ng kaunti… “). Still, from P5 million to P76 million in just 5 years???
  • He wouldn’t divulge on TV who the other investors in the company are, although their names are registered with the SEC and thus, are on public records. However, spawn wants to make it hard for Monsod and everyone watching the segment to find out who they are.
  • Presidential son/business entity flips houses in the US but doesn’t sell house, but flips house, have one house, then other house, and then…I’m confused.
  • Everybody in the government does it anyway. WoOt?
  • Winnie Monsod can put any spawn in his place, especially if spawn is not particularly bright.
  • Arnold Clavio saying ill-gotten wealth is major LOL.
  • Mikey Arroyo sounds like, and is as inarticulate as, Willie Revillame.
  • Spawn, take note, is a legislator. He signs documents he says he doesn’t understand, which makes one wonder if he read the bills he voted for. Does he even read?

Via Ellen Tordesillas

The house being questioned is located at 1655 Beachway Park Boulevard, San Mateo, California:

Federbear is here

Ayeee! After five weeks of waiting, the claim stub for my Tennis Warehouse package arrived yesterday. Inside was the cute “Federbear” beanie baby bear and a white cotton shirt with gold monograms. Don’t ask who; it should be a dead giveaway. The shirt is a tad bigger than my size since it’s a men’s shirt, but that’s okay, I can have it fixed. I think.

Part of the Beanie’s proceeds goes to charity, so buying the Federbear is a good way of splurging on something that on the outset looks inconsequential. But ja! I want to join UNICEF’s effort to promote world peace and feed hungry children everywhere. There are millions of starving children in the Philippines alone because of runaway pro-creation among irresponsible and/or ignorant parents. Anyway, Mr. Bean is not the only one allowed to keep a teddy bear all the time. Plus, there are tennis champions who also advocate world peace, not just inspire online retail therapies.

Roger Federer Beanie Baby, Federbear

Crowdsourcing the Moonwalk

Some know how to moonwalk, some obviously don’t, some are creative, some are boring, and some are downright funny. But if you want to show the world your MJ moves, take a short video of your moonwalking yourself and upload the footage to The site, a tribute to Michael Jackson, features the submitted videos of people doing the moonwalk in an almost never-ending fashion.