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It’s Cebu Pacific’s male flight attendants’ turn to dance

Perhaps to even the playing field, Cebu Pacific comes up with another safety dance, this time with male flight attendants. Like I previously said, I have no problem with safety procedures being demonstrated with dance, as long as the standard pre-flight demos are still done. The dance version during flight or when the plane is already cruising should only make the whole exercise interesting and entertaining.

I wonder if folks from Gabriela and FASAP will cry foul over the male version.

So, it is *Le* Jukebox: continuing the Roland Garros jukebox tradition with Muzz, Bobbysod, Tsonga, and Djoker with introductions by Le Fed

Oh Bobby Sod, you do know how to pull a “yoke”.

UPDATE: Oh, Rafa won’t like this, but fans will.

As for the Fed’s FO garb, I’m couci-couça on the yet-another-blue and the French-inspired stripe accents on the sleeves, but I’m surely digging the slightly funky shoes if only because the fading teal is a lot more dramatic than the boring old color blocks that we saw on the previous grand slams.

This year’s ensemble is a huge improvement from last year’s, but I hope the performance brings the same results as 2009’s. However, given TMF’s early exists from the tournaments that followed the Australian Open, I’m setting my expectations a little low for Roland Garros.

Cam-whoring at Universal Studios (and parts of) – Singapore

The city-state’s latest attraction had a soft launch two months ago, and by the time we visited the place, a couple of its major rides were still on finishing stages. I have about a few months to a year to muster the courage to ride bad-ass-by-my-standards Superman roller coaster and some other thriller that’s still under construction. Click the photos for large versions.

 This ride, I could take. Just add water and soak the hapless victims.

 Totally soaked after the Wild River ride. Good thing, I went there on super comfy flip-flops.

I was not planning to ride this thing at all, because I was too chicken to be in anything that dropped, shook, or threw me around at 100 mph.  But before I realized what awaited me, I had already lined up for half an hour and was only two batches away from the next car.

Look, Ma! It’s the Asian Anubis. Nice abs, pare!

On a very short walk of fame by the park’s entrance. 

“All I want is love, peace, understanding and a chocolate bar bigger than my head.”

Well, if you ever get tired of that clunker beside you…

Aaand more touristy bits, such as taking loads of pictures and creating a lot of racket.
Ohai, SG, we meet again! Now I know on which side of the plane I should book a seat. This is a somewhat lucky shot taken while riding the monorail to Sentosa Island. I would really love to have a camera upgrade, such as that carried around by Vortex.