Captain America CostumeWo_0t? No spandex?
I got lucky finding a seat to last night’s showing of Captain America, given that it usually takes a miracle to find one without resorting to online reservation on opening weekend. Although it’s not the most anticipated superhero film of the season, people still flocked to the cinema and paid P300 to see it on 3D.
I’d suggest that people see it on 2D instead, however. Perhaps it has to do with Greenbelt’s 3D glasses or that their projector needs some boost, but I found that the film was too dark that even if the scenes were at daytime, it all looked like 4PM in New York in December.
  • I enjoyed this film. I think Chris Evans carried the role pretty well and made the character believable, from his former self as a skinny kid to a brave superhero with biceps that size of a normal person’s thighs.
  • The best lines are given to Tommy Lee Jones, who as the soldier’s platoon leader or commander (or whatever you call his position in the army) showed nothing but irreverence for the superhero while at the same time giving his full support once the latter proved himself in battlefield.
  • It should be Captain America and Friends. Or Captain America and His Band of Brothers.
  • While it’s safe to assume that Peggy Carter eventually grew old and died, I still want to know what happened to her between the time that Steve set the date with her and the time when he woke up from his 70-year slumber.
  • In The Matrix, Hugo Weaving played Agent Smith. In Captain America (and possibly, up to Avengers), he played General Schmidt. Is there a correlation somewhere? I still like him as Elrond :) and I have to get my hands on a Victoria, Queen of the Desert DVD.
  • Cool is imprinted on the Stark DNA. But although Howard Stark is cool, Tony takes it to another level. And a friend’s observation is rather fitting– when Howard had Tony, he must have already been in his late 50s or 60s. But I’m still glad that Dominic Cooper played the senior Stark.
  • There are some scenes in which the presence of Peggy Carter is rather misplaced. I like Hayley Atwell, though, ever since I saw her on the mini-series Pillars of the Earth.
  • Captain America asking Carter to the dance: one of the best and the most touching scene. Superheroes may save the world, but their love lives will always suck.
And the best part of the film is what happens after the credits. Stay on for this.
The Avengers 2010