Peter Jackson and friends has just released the trailer second installment of The Hobbit, and fanboys and fangirls everywhere rejoice at the sight of elves.

There’s much in the trailer that is not in the book. For example: the dwarves were sealed in tightly in their own barrels and were not exactly pursued by orcs as they floated down the river. What’s the lady elf doing in there? 
I remember Legolas making an appearance in Silmarillon, but not in The Hobbit.
And oh yes… Legolas is back!
Thranduil’s eyebrows are epic. I loved Lee Pace in Pushing Daisies, and I wish that series had survived longer than its meager two seasons.
Evelyn Lilly as an elf makes an appearance. Girl power, yes, but we need more background on her character. She must have figured in some supporting books on Tolkien universe.
What’s the deal with Bard the Bowman’s (Luke Evans) kinda mullet?
Richard Armitage, a.k.a., Thorin. ‘Nuff said.