Been dumped or need to dump someone? Break-ups in the web 2.0 world are a lot more challenging than simply chucking all the trinkets, photos and love letters of a former (or soon-to-be former) flame, what with the fact that a lot of online friends and acquaintances could be privy to the upheavals in your lovelife by reading your blogs and forum postings, or that your jilted lover could easily stalk you online.

Bostonist gives a basic guide to breaking up in the web 2.0 (and mobile) world.


Social Networking:

  • Set relationship status to “single” on all your social networking accounts.
  • Set your MySpace blog to “friends only.”
  • Remove ex from your MySpace friends. Replace the ex in your top 8 with your more attractive, more intelligent, and single new crush. Bonus points for the newly “topped” friend who leaves semi-flirtatious messages in MySpace comments.
  • Delete comments or testimonials the ex has left you.
  • Remove them as a friend on Friendster – know their “friends of friends” network just dropped by 1/2 a mil.