Proof that anything goes in the Banana Republic:

Congresswoman Marcos’ son to seek Manila mayoralty post

THE 23-year-old model-son of Ilocos Norte Representative Imee Marcos and not former First Lady Imelda Marcos, is running for mayor in Manila in 2007, the lawmaker revealed on Monday.

Congresswoman Marcos said her mother was able to convince her son, Borgy Manotoc, to run for the post since he has a lot to offer to the people of Manila particularly the youth.

The former First Lady will become Borgy’s campaign manager instead, Congresswoman Marcos said.

The lawmaker expressed confidence that Borgy could easily win Manila’s primary voting bloc, which are mostly composed of young voters.

Besides the former First Lady being the former governor of Metro Manila still has strong influence and charisma among the people in depressed areas in Manila, she said.

“With Borgy, it’s like having Imelda Marcos run as mayor of Manila,” the lawmaker said.

“Having my mom as Borgy’s campaign manager, he will definitely get a solid vote in Manila particularly in Sampaloc, Pandacan, Tondo, Quiapo, Binondo, Sta. Cruz, San Miguel and other barangay [villages] in the city,” she said.

She said Borgy’s “lineage and roots” were all from Manila starting from his father, sportsman Tommy Manotoc, and his grandparents who were all from Tondo.

At 23, Borgy will be the youngest mayoralty candidate in Manila as compared to experienced turks like Senators Panfilo Lacson and Alfredo Lim, Congressman Rodolfo Bacani, Vice Mayor Danny Lacuna, and former congressman Mark Jimenez, said Congresswoman Marcos.

Born Martin Marcos Manotoc on April 9, 1983, Borgy — his father gave him the moniker Borgy after tennis icon Bjorn Borg — would be the youngest mayoralty candidate in Manila’s history at 23 years-old.

Known for his good looks, Borgy has modeled for Bench, Adidas, and Swatch and also appeared on a TV sitcom. He recently finished his studies at the City College of New York, majoring in advertising and public relations, while working part-time at an independent record label.

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Borgy ManotocWhat most people don’t know is that the kid is actually smart. But at only 23 and other than having a fashionista lawmaker for a mother, a shoe-crazy grandmom and a dictator for grandfather, he has no solid political/leadership background to speak of. And for Chrissakes, a city as huge, populous and over-all complicated as Manila is not a good training ground for a long-time political career. And it’s not that the others who’ve expressed interest in the post are any better–God knows how awfully they are onlyafter the perks of the office–but, Borgy? The country’s political system needs fresh blood, I agree, but someone who is as politically inexperienced and as rooted in the Marcos family doesn’t seem to be the answer the city is looking for. Why not try for the mayoralty of some far-off municipality in Ilocos if his wish is, indeed, to serve the people? But then again, which politician has ever placed the welfare of the people they are supposed to serve above their desire for power and fortune? It’s not even a nice cliche.

OH well, at least he looks way better than those fat old farts he’s running against. I’d rather look at his half-nekkid glory instead of Lito Atienza’s florla shirt and shameless grin anytime. No one can accuse him as yet of personally dipping his fingers in the public coffers. Not sure about the family, though.