Author: Karla

Federer’s 18th Grand Slam Title Is That One Good News We All Need

federer australian open 2017

I never expected Roger Federer would ever win another Grand Slam title after the 2012 Wimbledon, more so with yet another meeting with Rafael Nadal who I’ve become used to getting the better of him. Yet Roger proves once again that he is the best that tennis has seen and that he will always be the most admired man to ever hold a racket.

There are sports rivalries, yet none as great as the duo we’ve come to know as “Fedal” who have amazed us with their athleticism and made us believe that it’s possible to be great rivals and good friends at the same time. While I like both athletes, I’m obviously on The Fed’s side perhaps for the same reasons that legions of fans from around the globe have rallied behind him over the years–talent, grace, hard work, passion for his sport, and respect for his supporters. (more…)

The Year That Was 2016

It looks like everyone couldn’t wait for the shitshow that was 2016 to be over soon enough. Highlighted by too many celebrity deaths, terrorist attacks, refugee crisis, extra judicial killings, trolling, bigotry, fake news, a couple of presidential elections that produced less than desired outcomes, 2016 has been a trying year for many.

I could say it’s been a trying year for me, as well, but it would be unfair and mostly untrue. A few years ago, I created a “40 before 40” list of things to achieve or do before I turned 40, and on top of which was to find the one. I didn’t give it much thought afterwards, such that in my rush to fly out of Manila last year, one of the things that I left behind was that piece of paper that contained the list. However, realising that I managed to accomplish a number of items on that list this year makes for a happy recollection of the past 12 months. It has been a challenging year, stressful on some parts, but one that I should recall favourably. (more…)

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Half in Anguish, Half in Hope

pride and prejudice and zombiesPride and Prejudice and Zombies is one of those movies that either you loathe or you love. It’s easy to love for the simple reason that it has the Jane Austen classic as its backbone, and then wonder why on earth did they have to overcrowd the story with the undead running amok without even trying to be scary.

I didn’t even notice that it was released in the cinemas early this year, so I was glad that I stumbled upon it on streaming TV. After going through episodes of Cosmos and The Roman Empire, and re-watching City of God, I just wanted  something easy to watch, didn’t need too much focus to enjoy, and wasn’t too confronting. So PPZ was the best option; who doesn’t enjoy a good Austen story, anyway? (more…)

The Cow Parade is On in Perth

From 31st October to 11th December, Perth is hosting the Cow Parade, a public art installation which features 40 cows (not real ones!) across the city. Perth just becomes one of the few in the world to host the art event whereby cows that arrived as blank canvasses are painted, crafted and embellished by artists and designers from across Western Australia.

Their works are then displayed on various locations, such as parks, shopping centres, buildings and areas of interests, whilst some will be auctioned off to raise money for medical research.


Cow Parade Perth
Artwork by Peter Farmer, located on Museum Street in Northbridge
Cow Parade Perth
“Beauty X Ethics” by Benjamin Kontoolas
Cow Parade Perth
“Missy Moo” at Elizabeth Quay

Embroidery for Beginners

embroidery for beginners

I never thought I would ever take embroidery as a hobby. Whilst I learned cross-stitching back in uni and finished a few small projects, I abandoned stitching eventually in favour of new interests when I started working.

Last year, I dabbled in adult colouring to pass the time and for the most part, to take my mind away from the stresses of daily living, including completing projects at work, finding my way through corporate life, and putting together documents for my visa applications. However, it eventually lost its appeal in part because it did not work for the purpose that I had initially intended and in part because it became a boring and tedious activity. I still keep a pack of colouring pens and a couple of colouring books handy, but I don’t know when I’ll have the interest again to complete even a single page.