What would have been a long, cozy, relaxing, and stress-free Christmas in my hometown turned into a frenzy of packing our stuff, scheduling, rescheduling, going back and forth between Cabanatuan and Manila, and finally moving to the new apartment. Our lease on the previous place expired and couldn’t be renewed because the landlord decided to sell the unit. I received the news quite late, so there was a mad scramble to find a new place lest we wanted to be homeless come the new year. Good thing, my sister’s contact gave us a slot in one of the rental condo units she (I think) owns. We cut our vacation short by two days to move in to the new apartment, a 25th floor affair which we share with other renters. Think of it as a flat–everyone has her own room (or share rooms), but there are spacious common areas. I love the view and I love my own room so far, with its huge window overlooking the Makati CBD skyline. It’s not exactly EM Forster, but the phrase does come to mind, considering the cave where I spent the past year and a half. I had nice memories of the place, though. I enjoyed the pizza-and-beer get-togethers with friends back in November 2007, the dinners with my sister, just hanging out watching Mega Thursday and Plane Crash Investigation on NGS, and my newfound way of coping with stress: scrubbing the apartment squeaky clean, you could perform surgery on the floor. OK, I’m exaggerating.

With a bit more of furnishing, the place should be all set. Sky cable transferred my connection to the new address with a pay-through-the-nose fee of P1K just for the 15 minutes it took to connect the cables. At least I can watch the Australian Open next week (good luck, Rogi!). I still have no internet connection, as I have given up my old internet service for a hopefully better package. I don’t want to have to cough up P1,450 just to have my antenna transferred. Plus, network connection has been absolutely horrible since November.

So anyways, writing gigs are slow and it’s only this week that I’m working on the backlog that has been on my plate since the start of Christmas break. So dear clients–please bear with me. I will send you all the lovely writings and grandiose plans for world domination within the week.