Nike We Run Manila 10K 2011

I ran my first 10K last Saturday at the Nike Run Manila 10K event held at Bonifacio Global City. I didn’t have as much fun as I had in the previous two runs that I joined, and it wasn’t due to the longer distance that I had to finish. I wish it was as organized as both Rexona and Unilab since all running events were staged by Run Rio.

For one, there should have been lighting fixtures installed along the race route, as there were few stretches that were in nearly total darkness and one had to use a torch or a phone’s flashlight app to see the track. Claiming baggage was a total mess, and it took me nearly an hour after the race to get back my bag, afraid that it might end up with someone else and along with it some precious possessions.

 On the plus side, I like the running shirt that Nike provided. I wish, however, that the finisher’s kit would be really distributed by the sponsor. Joining the event wasn’t cheap, so to make fees really sulit, getting the finisher’s kit would be really nice.

Nike We Run Manila 10K

A mini-rock concert was held after the race, featuring Parokya ni Edgar, Chicosci, and some other band, but  we were all too tired, aching and famished, so instead of watching, we proceeded to Seafood Island at nearby Market! Market! for a huge meal.

Nike We Run Manila 10K

UPDATE: More than two weeks after the run, I still have to receive my finisher’s kit from either Nike or its organizer.  

Scenes from Run United 2 2011

I joined my second 5k run with the Unilab-sponsored Run United 2 at the Bonifacio Global City last Sunday.  The event was grander than the recently held Rexona Adventure Run, with more runners participating and lots of fun games and loot stalls set up at the venue, I believe. Our gun time was 5:50 AM, and I guess I managed to finish earlier this time.

Here are some photos that I took of us lining up at the many booths that were set up around the venue. Suffice it to say, our P650 joining fee was well worth the fun, singlet, and loot bags that contained medicine samples, vitamins, energy drinks, supplements, tumblers, juice and chocolate powder, Globe Tattoo sun visor, and a tube of Myra-e tinted moisturizer.

Run United 2 2011
Lining up at a game booth with Sandra.

Run United 2 2011
Awww… how cute!

Run United 2 2011
Event grounds at BGC

Run United 2011
He looked so out of place 🙁

Run United 2

The best way to end a fun Sunday morning: pigging out on seafood and loads of rice.

Unilab Run United 2011 Leg 2 loot bag
What’s in the loot bag.

Rexona Adventure Run 2011

Running is exercise. Exercise creates endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Smiling for the official photog with running buddies, Kris and Sandy

After months of on-and-off running, I finally joined my first 5K race. Thanks to Sandra who invited me to join the Rexona (Men) Adventure Run, and much thanks to the heavens for giving us two weeks of nearly rain-free weather, which allowed me to prepare for the race. We had a great morning of fun marathon, games, freebies, and lots of photo-ops 🙂

DJ Chingggay Andrada hosted the event
I’m sure these two clocked in much more quickly than I did.

Thank you, trustworthy runners!

I was a bit disappointed with my run, on the other hand, as I already managed a faster pace the previous week. Oh well, I’ll try to make 5k in under 30 minutes next time. I’m just happy to finally strike another item off my “35 before 35″ list.

After running 5k and two hours of hanging about at the MOA concert grounds for freebies and picture taking, we trooped to the first decent open restaurant for heavy breakfast: Ya Kun Kaya Toast (“Uniquely Singapore”).

What’s in the loot bag: Pain reliever, Rexona products good for a year, hair care stuff, discount cards and stickers to Victoria Court. I’m not sure I’d be able to use the last two items.

Sharapova plays badminton. *FACEPALM*

Dear Masha,

On top of your many commendable qualities, I wish I had your mile-long legs, your wardrobe, and your fortune. However, if there is one thing about you that I do not wish to have, in addition to your tendencies to express your on-court fierceness vocally, it is your badminton skeellz. Judging by your attire, the court/surface, the choice of arm (aren’t you a righty?), and your pre-smash stance, you are doing it wrong. Moreover, badminton is not a backyard sport.

 Noo! Your tennis shoes would have been more appropriate.

 Paddle shot. You have just injured your elbow.
You have just lost the non-rally, but it should be OK because you’re still fab and fierce, right?

I expected that with badminton being more popular among Europeans (you are European) than Americans, you would have known how to do it better even if it was not your racquet sports of choice. Clearly, you have been taking clues from the Americans, so allow me to remind you that unless you time traveled straight from the 19th century, only kids and drunks play badminton in the backyard.


Photo credits: All I Need is a Picket Fence

Love means doing something for nothing

Much like badminton, which has its roots in British India, tennis did not originate in Europe, but most likely in ancient Egypt.  CNN’s A Short History of Tennis: Henry VIII to Federer the great sheds light on the funny/bittersweet scoring term wherein to not win a point or a game is to “love.”

The love has its origins from the French word for egg ‘l’oeuf’, symbolizing ‘nothing’ as Lesley Ronaldson, a Real Tennis professional, who lives at Hampton Court, told Open Court.

“In lawn tennis it’s 15-30-40 games, abbreviated from 45 in 1800,” she said. …And love for instance, love was something you did for nothing, you did something for nothing, it comes from there,” she added.

And if to love is “to lose one’s head,” then the idea was served up to Anne Boleyn quite literally:

Henry’s second wife Ann Boleyn was watching a game of Real Tennis in Whitehall when she was arrested, and according to the official Web site of Hampton Court, legend has it he was playing when told she had been executed.

“That was clearly not a ‘love’ match but from Real Tennis it is generally accepted the modern tennis scoring system and terminology evolved.

Would Federer have fared better if tennis was still being played the “real” way.

I never believed they were close friends at all

Under the current circumstances, Woods probably would have been a marked man by the umpires, unlike someone such as the gentlemanly Roger Federer who would be given a wider berth.

“To Federer’s credit, while not as close friends with Woods as the people at Nike and the IMG management firm like to pretend, he did text the American during the depths of his bizarre personal crisis late last year.

“And, along with his wife Mirka, he got together for lunch with Elin Woods, Tiger’s wife, in Florida during the Sony Ericsson Open two weeks ago.

“While the original friendship axis was between the two male sports superstars, the gesture by Mr. and Mrs. Federer toward Woods’ betrayed wife definitely looks good on them. One can only hope that Woods would show the same kind of empathy in a similar situation, despite it being virtually impossible to imagine one that could be even remotely similar.”

       — What if Woods was a tennis star?