It has “Awful” written all over it. Meralco’s Q1 2010 profit jumped 135%

Higher electricity sales and increased power rates buoyed power distributor Manila Electric Company’s (Meralco) consolidated core net income by 135% in the first quarter.

“Meralco on Thursday reported that its consolidated core net income for the first quarter jumped to a hefty P2 billion from P800 million during the same period in 2009. Its consolidated net income for the same period soared by 127% to P2 billion.

“The company’s consolidated revenue increased by 34% to P61.1 billion, helped by an increase in its customer base and significantly higher average pass-through costs.”

— Meralco’s Q1 consolidated core net profit up 135% to P2-B

OK, OK, so Meralco has to pass on to consumers the power generation increase posted by its suppliers, but pray, tell, why pass on the distribution increase in April when electricity is sorely needed by customers and amid 2-hour rotational brownouts:

Distribution charge

Apart from the increase in generation charge, Meralco customers would also have to contend with the reflection of Meralco’s ERC-approved distribution charge increase.

The increase, which was granted under the performance-based regulation (PBR) scheme, was approved as early as December but would not be passed on to consumers until this month. This particular increase amounted to almost 27 centavos per kWh.

The PBR scheme allowed distribution utilities such as Meralco to charge rates based on projected investments and operating expenses related to electricity distribution.

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I don’t want no Bishops in my bed nor in my bedroom, thanks very much

Bishops in our Bedroom: Roman Catholic Church and the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines

DISCLAIMER: It’s not that I don’t believe in families and the sheer joy of having kids. I love kids and I’d like to have one (or two or three) someday, but the thought of spewing countless spawns when you can hardly feed yourself or put a roof above head is sheer madness, methinks. Of course kids are a blessing if you know how to be a good, responsible parent. But if the kind of life that you will bring a child into is no more decent than that lived by stray dogs, then I don’t think that moral at all.  It’s evil, actually. These bishops should be the ones to feed those children who have been consigned by their irresponsible parents to the streets.

I have always thought that hazing was barbaric

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, defines ‘barbarity’ as:

1. Savage brutality or cruelty in actions or conduct.
2. A cruel or savage act.

In this video, new recruits at Philippine Maritime Institute in Bacolod some marine school are repeatedly punched and slapped, apparently in a hazing ritual, which I wonder if the maritime school has sanctioned, as it seems to have happened within one of its corridors.

This is not for the faint of heart.

It wasn’t the first time

 I caught this news on TV last week and thought the killing of Ebarle Jr. was just senseless. The victim was practically defenseless against Fil-Am Jason Ivler who was driving a “diplomatic” car. The grief displayed by Ebarle’s girlfriend and relatives is just heartbreaking.

Apparently, some people should never be allowed to drive, especially if the cars they are driving have plates that just about grant them the right to violate traffic rules. From what I know, diplomatic cars are given so much freedom from traffic rules.

Strangely, Freddie Aguilar’s sister‘s evil spawn has a pending criminal case over another traffic altercation that happened in 2004 and resulted in the death of a Malacanang Undersecretary. A number of other road rage incidents, one including grave threat, allegedly committed by Ivler are reported by witnesses.